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Are there really quick fixes in dog training?

 There have been many dog training and behaviour programmes on television over the years; some good and some bad… very bad.   TV companies want drama and quick results, great for the ratings but often bad for the dogs involved.   If you want to train your dog using positive methods which are proven to give longer lasting results and ensure a happier, […]


The D Word…

Following a couple of high profile companies issuing disappointing and outdated articles related to dog behaviour I thought I’d write a blog all about the D word… dominance. How many times have you been told (from probably well-meaning individuals) that your dog is behaving in a certain way because they are exerting dominance over you? […]


Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Bringing a puppy or rescue dog into your life is a huge decision and one that should be carefully researched before you take the plunge.  Having volunteered at a rescue centre for over 2 years now (www.stokenchurchdogrescue.org.uk) I have seen many dogs come into their care simply because their owner was not prepared for the […]


The National Dog Behaviour Conference 2018

Where do you find a stellar line up of canine professionals in one place sharing ideas to improve dogs lives??  At the National Dog Behaviour Conference that’s where!! It was my first time attending this event which is hosted by Victoria Stilwell and her Positively team (www.positively.com) however the event itself is now in its […]


How does my puppy grow? …

Did you know your puppy has some crucial stages in it’s growth and development which as a responsible guardian you should be aware of? No? Then read on…. Socialisation… This is a bit of a buzz word used in puppy training but what is it and why should you do it? The socialisation period lasts […]

I’m trying to tell you something…

Anyone that’s been to one of my classes or has had some 121 training with me will know of my love of talking about dog body language!! It’s a real passion of mine to help guardians understand how their dog is trying to communicate to them and others around them (including other animals) to help […]

Let’s talk Enrichment..

Before I started my training with the Victoria Stilwell Academy, I (like most dog owners) assumed a daily walk to satisfy the need for physical exercise was enough for my dogs. I was often left baffled as to why, after a long walk, my dogs were still not tired out or settling down. When I […]

Dog Walking Etiquette

As the owner of an elderly dog who doesn’t like unfamiliar dogs in her space anymore and the challenges that can bring , I thought I’d write a blog on dog walking etiquette. It’s hard being the owner of a reactive dog. You feel on constant high alert watching out for other dogs which may […]

Little Stars puppy class…what is it all about?

At My Fairy DogMother I run two classes suitable for young dogs. My Little Stars class is a basic life skills class ideal for puppies up to 20 weeks old. I often get asked why should I train my puppy…well here’s a few reasons why… To Teach Life Skills Dogs do not naturally fit into […]