Little Stars puppy class…what is it all about?

At My Fairy DogMother I run two classes suitable for young dogs. My Little Stars class is a basic life skills class ideal for puppies up to 20 weeks old. I often get asked why should I train my puppy…well here’s a few reasons why…

To Teach Life Skills

Dogs do not naturally fit into a home environment and teaching them basic manners can help them integrate better and lower anxiety and stress levels (for you both!) I can help teach management techniques as well as training which can be used hand in hand together.

To increase socialability

Helping your dog to enjoy social situations builds confidence into adult life. In Little Stars they will be able to socialise in a controlled in environment so that all experiences are positive and not too overwhelming. I will take this at each individual dogs pace.. if your dog isn’t comfortable interacting then I don’t make them.

To build a positive relationship

What better way to help build a bond with your new puppy than to spend an hour a week having fun at a class and learning new skills? Dogs that are taught through positive reinforcement are more tolerant, self controlled and behave more predictably in different situations. At Little Stars I also help explain canine body language so that you can understand what your pup is trying to communicate to you and others through they body language. You can then change the environment for them if necessary to lower stress levels.

To avoid problem behaviours

Dogs don’t come with the English language installed. We need to teach them in a positive way what we WANT them to do, not punish them for what we DON’T WANT them to do. Training your pup positively from a young age builds security, comfort and confidence making your dog less likely to develop problem behaviours as they grow older

A healthy balance of learning manners, encouraging sociability and providing mental and physical stimulation will ensure success.

I have attached some photos of some of my Little Stars clients enjoying their sessions

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